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What are custom software services?

Intici provides custom software services for when you can’t find the right application on the market to meet your needs, you need to add additional functionality to existing applications, or when you have a legacy software which needs support. Intici can build you software, update existing software, or provide assistance with projects involving your own teams.

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Our services provide a range of benefits

  • We can handle it

    Intici can handle all components of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Business analysis, solution design, development, testing, and post-go-live support.

  • Phased development

    Phased application development will allow to see results faster and improve the turnaround time of your ROI. We can focus on developing solutions that will give you the greatest and fasted ROI whilst keeping into account the development required at a later date. We can help you identify the priorities.

  • Project management

    We can perform project management for your existing in-flight projects where you have utilised another software development company. We can help with bringing projects on track or provide advice as what to do with an existing project whilst utilising your existing vendors or team.

  • Languages and frameworks

    We cater for multiple languages and frameworks. Leave it up to us to select them based on your goals, or we can work with what you want.

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