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What are our business intelligence services?

Business intelligence allows you to gain greater insight across the business. It can be as simple as developing some reports to eliminate manual work performed by your team, dashboarding to give you near real time insights, or the ability to interrogate data captured across the business. We can tailor a strategy for you and build a solution which will allow you to achieve a faster return on investment – all at a fixed price (excludes licencing fees of software providers).

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Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Automate report generation

    Stop relying on staff to generate reports. Automate your reports to minimise issues, generate reports faster, free up your staff to perform other important work.

  • Insight across systems

    We can either build a data warehouse to report on data across systems or write reports to combine the data. Reporting on data across systems allows you to get a more holistic view of what is happening in your business.

  • Expand on reporting in cloud applications

    Some cloud applications have amazing functionality but are lacking on the reporting side. We can help expand on cloud application reporting and tailor it for you.

  • Improved accessibility

    Have reports and dashboards pushed to you as they are generated, access them on your mobile device, and stream near real time on your computer or TV as a wallboard.

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